I have purchased and Installed your W- 100 Seton Wood Boiler to heat my 3000 sq ft home, my domestic hot water along with a 32' X 32' glass Conservatory. As a retired boiler engineer, I know quality and performance when I see it, this is a wonderful piece of equipment and does a fantastic job. I couldn't be more pleased with its operation.     Richard, Portsmouth, Ohio

Fred,    Hope things are well with you and your cabin...
I found out that the Seton is the best thing since sliced bread, works year round with intelligent burning.
   I found that my high stack temperatures were due to the fuel source--read 0% on moisture meter. I thought the meter was broken until I measured some green wood. Now, a mixture burns with the stack temp around 400F.
  We have wood and thanks to the beetles will have much more and I looked at a steam engines but found exactly what you told me - too much monitoring to be practical.  Thanks,  Steve

A note of my boiler,  My house is a 1500 sq. ft house, raised ranch with full radiant heat in the basement, copper coil below the slab. The main floor heats with baseboard. The garage is 30 by 30 and I keep that at 40 degrees. The house was built in 1970 before gas prices were so high.   The house was insulated with 70's gas prices. Today I would do better. I installed my Seton B-100 90 feet from my house in a separate building. The room is 8 feet high. From the ceiling level I added ten feet of 8 inch metalbestos bringing the top of the chimney 18 feet from the base of the boiler. For the entire winter I did not use back-up gas to heat my house or domestic water. From past numbers gas usage with 2006 prices, my cost would have been nearly $2000.00. For the summer months I have discontinued using wood for domestic water. During the cold months I was able to keep the morning temp. in the mid 60's by adding wood it soon brought up to 70's. One of the things that I learned over the winter is that wood is not equal. Good hardwood is better for the night and during the day use wood less desirable if you need to use it up. I am very well pleased with the performance and the support I have received from the company.    Thanks Curt

Hi Fred,  I bought a Seton boiler from you last September. It works great, the only problem that I have encountered is if I lose electricity it boils over, and I have a mess.
I spoke to you about two weeks ago and you suggested I E-mail you about a inverter/charger ( I think that is what you called it) that would come on when I lost electricity and run the pump on the Seton which I have hooked up in my garage, and the pump on my boiler in the basement to circulate the water preventing it from boiling over. I believe you said the cost was about $250.00 dollars.
  Please send me any information on this as I would like you to send me one with instillation instructions.
You have a great product and I am well pleased with mine. I Live in Maryland very close to the PA border and they are trying to push the Greenwood boiler. That boiler cannot come close to yours they have trouble just trying to keep it going. I look forward to your correspondence.   Thanks Jim