Mr. Seton,  It was good to talk with you. I am sending you this e-mail as per your request.
  To refresh your memory I called to find out how to go about replacing or repairing the refractory in my Seton 130 wood boiler. As I stated during our phone conversation, I live about 50 road miles from Delta Junction Alaska (toward Tok). We are off the grid and so use a combination of solar, wind and diesel generators to provide power for our home.
  I installed a Seton boiler in 2006 to heat and provide domestic hot water for our home. A few years ago, while we were away from home, my son came by to check on things and inadvertently turned off the inverter. This caused the power to shut down, which in turn caused the boiler to overheat. Not knowing how to get the power to come back on and realizing that the boiler was getting much to hot, the pop offs blew until the system ran out of waster and then the copper pipes started to de-solder, he put the fire in the boiler out using water. This caused the refractory to crack. I was still able to use the boiler and have been without any problem.
  This year fist sized pieces of refractory started falling off the refractory section in the rear of the stove. I would like to repair the refractory this summer. You mentioned that you may be able to recommend a local vender that may carry the proper refractory or that perhaps a new piece could be shipped to anchorage.
  I have been very satisfied with the boiler and have installed a W-90 in our shop (it is located approximately 3/4 of a mile away from the house or I would have been able to use just one boiler to heat both).    Any help would sure be appreciated.    Thank you     Steven Lupo 

Answer:  Steve I can ship you one you, or there is a supplier of the refractory in Fairbanks, and you can pour your own. I will send you the instructions.

Fred:    I purchased a Seton Wood Boiler from you 2 years after doing a great amount of research on the various wood boilers on the market. At the time I ordered I mentioned that I would be interested in one day being a local dealer. After completing my first winter with the Seton Boiler I can attest to its benefits and I am interested in finding out what I must do to start pushing the product. I already have spoken to a potential customer in Wrentham, MA about it and am starting to get more conversations about it going.
   Please let me know what dealership programs you offer and how I can get started. I am located in Southern Massachusetts just 2 minutes from Rhode Island and less than 35 from Boston.      Ray

On 4/26/2011 5:32 PM, John Fosket wrote: Hello Jim, I am getting ready to order a Teton Step Top model from Fred. Any negatives you care to mention? as I said in past emails, I bought 1 of his wood boilers 3 seasons ago and I am pretty satisfied with it. Thanks for any and all honesty, John.
John, I am now burning the Commercial and nothing I sell compares with it. Last yr. I used a bighorn and it was also very good.