Seton Wood Boilers                            Heating that doesn't Cost the Earth   


  I have heated my home with a wood stove for the past 30 years. Anyone who has burned wood inside their home knows how much of mess it is and how the room with the stove in it is too hot and the others are too cold.
I recently installed a W-100 Seton Boiler in my garage. It heats my workshop and I plan on heating the rest of my garage once I get it insulated. I pipe the heat underground to my home. The unit works great, it heats my Northern Michigan home (1600 sq. ft.) and also supplies my domestic hot water, and in fact I turned off my electric hot water heater. The unit burns cleanly and smoke is minimal. I like the unit to for its simplicity and not having to stand out in the cold to load the unit is also a plus. I know of others who have the traditional outside boilers and they burn considerably more wood and they really smoke up the neighborhood. Fred is very knowledgeable and was very helpful in setting up the system. I would recommend it to anyone that wants to heat efficiently and cleanly.
  I have heated with wood for the past 30 years with a wood stove in my home. Having recently purchased a Seton Boiler and now not having the mess of wood inside the home my wife wanted new flooring. She had always wanted tile but living in Northern Michigan the thought of walking on cold tile had always prevented us from installing it. I had heard about radiant floor heating but was unsure of retrofitting an existing home. I spoke with Fred after considering electric radiant as the cost was prohibitive. His Radiant Design Institute gave me different options for installation. I ended up installing radiant heat using the overlay method, it works great actually exceeding my expectations.                                                       The  cost of the radiant heat components cost approximately $1500.00 (including new sub floor) I was able to install it myself. Thanks to the Radiant Design Institute it is now possible for anyone to have radiant heat without having to re-mortgage their home or rebuild.      Bruce, Gaylord, MI.